-Social Media Tie In's:   Build your presence on the internet by attracting people to your site by placement on social media sites, facebook and twitter. We help you build a presence on yelp, Angie's and Craig's lists and others.....MORE=>

-Multimedia Promo Campaigns:   We assist in acquiring emails of your potential customers by getting info and building campaigns to get out promotional messages with professional looking emails with text, pictures and buttons.....MORE =>

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-Search Engine Marketing (sem):   We help you with an internet advertising campaign to boost your visibility in Google and in most popular internet search engine rankings. Often we can bring your site high in most search engines.... MORE =>

-Keyword Creation and Insertion:     We help you develop a list of keywords, descriptors and meta tags so people who sear for those words will find you in the highest ​rankings in all the most popular internet search engines.... MORE  =>

-Search Engine Promotion (sep):     We help you promote your website throughout the internet helping you get high google ranking, getting a google user profile in google maps, and google+ and other major internet search engines.... MORE =>

-Domain Name Acquisition:  We give you our expertise when it comes to assigning your website domain names or URLs, keeping in mind your name, what you do, and your area of work in getting URLs keeping your site ranked.... MORE =>

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Internet Promotion Plans

-Search Engine Optimization (seo):   We optimize your entire website with the keywords, meta tags and  descriptors in mind to aid in bringing your website to more viewers browsers by being high on most popular search engines....MORE =>