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Internet Promotion Plans

- Domain Name Acquisition

   Figuring out what domain names or URLs to purchase is key to getting your site seen.  It is important that you purchase your businesses name.  Do that before your competition does.  It would be very bad for your business if someone purchases your business name and used it to promote their own business.  Believe it or not this happens quite often.  For this reason you should also cover your businesses name in the dot com, dot org and other lesser domains. You don’t want your competition to get those either.  You should also purchase a domain name that would be a popular misspelling of your business name.  You can have multiple domain names all pointing to the same home page, or each domain can point to a different page in your site. Your main domain or URL should be a dot com name. Those are the most popular, and what your potential visitors will probably try by default.  Finding a quick, easy to remember and not easily misspelled domain name is also important and should not be overlooked.  Having a short, easy to remember URL will enable people to look at your URL on a sign, a truck or in a mass mailing and put that name in their browser when they get home.  We want people who are looking for your site to find you, we want people who are looking for what you do to find you as well.  The third type of visitor we want to your site is the people that find you that didn’t realize they needed you. Please contact us.  We can help you with domain name and URL aquisition, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

 We give you our expertise when it comes to assigning your website domain names or URLs, keeping in mind your name, what you do, and your area of work in getting URLs keeping your site ranked.