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  We assist in acquiring emails of your potential customers by getting info and building campaigns to get out promotional messages with professional looking emails with text, pictures and buttons.

   Website promotion is an important element in getting your page seen by more visitors and should not be overlooked.  Promotional campaigns can include many different types of medias.  Promotion can include social media campaigns, targeted email campaigns, as well as print ads and every door direct mailings.  Each campaign should include a compelling reason for people to visit your site.  These can include giveaways or drawing for prizes or raffling off of products or services.  Each promotion that you use can be utilized to acquire more email addresses.  You can then use these email addresses to create a list that can then be used to create a professional looking email campaign with text, pictures and carefully place buttons that can get people to return to your home page. Please contact us.  We can help you build a top-notch, professional looking  promotional campaigns across many different multimedia platforms, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

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