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Internet Promotion Plans

  We optimize your entire website with the keywords, meta tags and  descriptors in mind to aid in bringing your website to more viewers browsers by being high on most popular search engines.

   Optimizing your entire website form the home page down to the lower pages is quite important.  Your placement of these keywords on your website is critical to your optimal ranking on Google and other top internet search engines.  You need to insure that your choice of keywords, title and description Meta tags is relevant and important to the content included in your pages.  The home page is the most important to carry your keywords over onto, they should be included in a prominent spot on your home page. The positioning is key to the presumed importance of the words or phrases.  The most important keywords are the ones that you think that people would search for to find you.  A prominent position on your page should be “above the fold.”  This is a reference to when newspapers were displayed folded up.  The most prominent news that was important for people to see was above the fold where people would view it.  This is the same for websites today, where the most important relative information should display at the top, before the viewer scrolls down the page. Please contact us.  We can help you with Meta keyword optimization, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

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