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Internet Promotion Plans

  Build your presence on the internet by attracting people to your site by placement on social media sites, facebook and twitter. We help you build a presence on yelp, Angie's and Craig's lists and others.

   It is important these days that your website is promoted through social media.  People use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others to find out information and to keep in touch.  If you maintain a website you should also be looking to attract more visitors to your website.  The more people who see your site, the more business you can potentially do.  A professionally done website is not really done without tie ins to social media.  With social media, you can alert people to your goods and services that you offer.  You can tell them about specials that you offer, or entry to contests, or giveaways.  All this will help to drive traffic to your site and ultimately increase your business bottom line.  Social media content can also be used to get people talking about your business, specials or getting in on drawings.  Some people choose to have just a Facebook page for their business and they don’t consider creating a website. This is unfortunately only looking at half the picture.  Social media should always be used to send visitors to your door, in the case of the internet you should send them to your front page. Please contact us.  We can help you develop a presence on the social media, and tie your website into your social media accounts, call us now at  (315) 382-HELP.

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